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Marketing Mix For ITC

Crafting a five-year product roadmap for ITC Limited, integrating upgrades and new launches, leveraging thorough research, market trends, and corporate objectives. Ensuring sustained growth and competitive edge, this plan solidifies ITC's position as an industry leader, driving innovation and meeting evolving consumer demands.

Visualizing Climate Change Impact on African Women

Illuminate the plight of African women amidst climate change, advocating for gender-sensitive policies. Using interactive visuals, we reveal the impacts on health, livelihoods, and communities, empowering stakeholders to enact informed strategies.


Treadmill Experience: Research Report

Revolutionize treadmill design by prioritizing functionality and aesthetics. While functionality remains paramount, neglecting aesthetics alienates users. Current designs, dominated by dull colors and sharp edges, discourage usage. By infusing color and sleek design, we aim to motivate users, making fitness an inviting experience for all.

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