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*NDA Compliant Project


The Gulfstream Aerospace X SCADPro collaboration boldly reimagined the private aviation experience through innovative design thinking. Extensive research explored passenger needs, identifying opportunities to enhance comfort, productivity and immersion. Groundbreaking concepts transformed the cabin into an adaptable sanctuary through integrated controls.

From circadian lighting to noise cancellation and biophilic design, the project harmonized amenities with spaces optimized for cognitive performance and holistic rejuvenation. It reimagined air travel as a profoundly restorative journey elevating the entire in-flight experience through unprecedented personalization.

Duration: 10 Weeks

Team: Gulfstream Aerospace X SCADPro

My Role: User Experience Research , User Interaction, Team Management, Project Management, Market Research, Design Research


My Contribution

As research lead, I oversaw studies across many different areas like how the cabin is designed, the lighting, the air quality, and how to bring elements of nature inside. My team looked closely at what modern travelers need to be comfortable, focused, and re-energized during their flights.

Based on our research findings, I guided the design of cabin concepts that could flexibly change and adapt to what each individual passenger wanted at that moment - whether it was a quiet space to work, an area to simply rest, or an environment to get reinvigorated.

My contributions redefined luxury as harmonized physical, cognitive and sensory rejuvenation.

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Digital Shift In Tourism

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Project Chakra

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